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Cruise van Cleef

Ingo Petramer

Live on SyltExpress | Thees Uhlmann & Band is playing the 8. Syltfähre Musicnight


Bus & Ferry – All-in-one

Take the Syltferry and discover the island Sylt or Rømø by every operating SVG bus, all day long!


sylt ferry on the water in front of a sandbank

Your relaxed journey to Sylt

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A trip with our Syltferry

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Travel Value Shop

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Our board restaurant

to enjoy a delicious meal

Travel to Sylt easily and inexpensively

Plan your trip easy and inexpensive with the Syltferry. Book your desired departure online and in advance to avoid waiting times.

With us your holiday starts on board: The 40 minutes journey is a great experience. Driving through the north frisian waddensea and enjoying the fresh sea breeze is just part of the arrival to Germany's northernmost island Sylt.

During the journey from Havneby, Rømø to List on Sylt you can relax on one of our four open decks. If you prefer to enjoy the trip from below deck you can watch the magnificient view of the wadden sea through the large panoramic window. Pamper yourslef in our on board restaurant with danisch and german dishes for reasonable prices. We also recommend you to make a little stopover in the Travel Value Shop, where we offer international perfums and cosmetics, jewellery, spirits and sweets.

The Syltferry operates all-season between the danish island Rømø, which is easily accessible via a free causeway from the danisch mainland and the island Sylt. The modern double ended ferry "Sylt Express" takes all cars, motorcycles, pedestrians and cyclists, as well as horse and boat trailers, caravans, motor homes, buses, trucks and even heavy cargo to and from the Island Sylt in a very comfortable way.

hansefrry in front of teufelsbrueck

2 hours HanseFerry Hamburg

only 19,-€

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halunder jet driving circles

Daytrip to Heligoland

with the Halunder Jet from FRS Helgoline

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