Syltferry with water on open deck.

Haulage to Sylt

The Sylt Ferry is your connection to Sylt, offering a great deal of advantages. We offer you planning security with reserved departures and cost effectiveness thanks to our attractive fares. We are reliable and have a high loading capacity - no length or width is a problem for us!

Resting time incl. a meal for your driver

The crossing can also be used as resting time for your driver, who receives a coffee or soft drink as well as the dish of the day or a sandwich for free on board the Sylt Ferry.

How to make a reservation

We add you to our list of clients. You can make your reservation quickly and easily using your customer number. 

We are available for you seven days a week. You can book your trips months in advance.

How to make a payment

We add your company to our client base. The easiest way to pay is via direct debit - that is, we will debit the travel costs directly from your company account, and so your driver will not need to carry cash.