Syltferry electronic car charging station.

New on the SyltExpress: Charging station for electric vehicles

We now provide you with a new, one-of-a-kind service on board the SyltExpress: You can recharge your batteries with sunshine on our open deck, or with fresh energy in our on-board restaurant - and your vehicle can recharge for free on the car deck.


You now have the possibility to have your electric vehicle charged on board the Sylt Ferry.

If you notify our counter staff, you will be allotted a suitable place on the Sylt Ferry’s car deck. During the approximately 40-minute-long journey, connect your electric vehicle to our charging station using your own cable (type 2 plug), and recharge your batteries at no cost.

In this time, you can simply enjoy fresh sea air on the sun deck, treat yourself in our on-board restaurant, or go shopping in the Travel Value Shop.

Syltferry electronic car charging station information.