Syltferry by calm sea.

7. Syltfähre Musicnight – Cruise van Cleef auf See

Also this year, August 23, 2018, Rømø-Sylt Linie and Hamburg's Independent-Label "Grand Hotel van Cleef", with the support of the Kurverwaltung List auf Sylt, will rock the North Sea again. A fantastic line-up takes over "SyltExpress" and continues the tradition of Cruise van Cleef on the Syltferry. On August 23, 2018 from 3.30pm we again offer the special experience of our musical highlights at sea. We start with Grillmaster Flash, followed by Torpus & The Art Directors to receive Kettcar with the best mood and continue to celebrate.


You do not notice anything missing - until it's so far. The same goes for the new KETTCAR "Ich vs. Wir" record. In 2013, the band announced a break. How long was not clear at that time?

5 years later, KETTCAR is back with brag! "Ich vs. Wir" is their fifth album followed by an extended trip through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This was accompanied by a big media choir about the song "Sommer 89", which "Musical Expression" described, among other things, as the year's most important song.

Kettcar wishes to present you and us this album, celebrate it with you and enjoy the special atmosphere there is when there is Musicnight on Syltexpress.

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Syltferry at the shipyard.

Torpus & The Art Directors


Do you compromise or think of the music itself and play the songs and tones as they flow out of you as they were perceived. Sönke Torpus, Jenny Apelmo, Melf Petersen, Ove Thomsen and Felix Roll will bring their third album and present it to you on Syltfærgen

Photo © Björn Weinbrandt

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