Syltferry Harley Davidson Meeting.

The cult motorbikes are coming!

The cult motorbikes are coming! Lots of chrome, lots of sand, lots of cult - when the riders of the legendary motorbikes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA), come to the island, the sight and sound are not to be missed. The bikers are celebrating their summertime party from 24th to 26th May this year in Westerland.

There is a Sylt Ferry discount on journeys for participants in the 22nd Summertime Party of the Harley Davidson Sylt Chapter. Information regarding this is provided by the organiser directly.

Bikers, bikes and enthusiasts sail to List auf Sylt in safety and comfort on the Sylt Ferry. The journey there through Denmark, across the causeway to Rømø with fresh North Sea air in your nose, is already an experience in itself!