Windsurf World Cup 2019

by Mercedes Benz

What began in May with the Sylt Summer Opening is brought to an end in long-standing tradition on the last Friday of September 2019: the world’s best windsurfers meet at the Windsurf World Cup sponsored by Mercedes-Benz to give their all for the world title.

Here the best three surfers will be chosen in the renowned disciplines of slalom, freestyle and wave - plus, this year for the first time, foil.

In slalom it’s all about speed: Surfers speed across a route marked out by buoys - the quickest wins.

Spectators really get their money’s worth in the freestyle discipline: Freestyle continues to redefine itself again and again, and excites both athletes and spectators with jumps, twists and rotations. The scoring system is based on the difficulty and the execution of the moves.

Wave is the supreme discipline, and is all about wave riding, but also a score for jumping, to convince the judges of the competitor’s ability in a one-to-one duel.

The new discipline, foil, was introduced for the first time in 2016. Instead of a normal fin, the foil has a sort of blade. The aim is to lever oneself out of the water in order to be able to surf a slalom regatta even in a light wind.

Find the official website of the Windsurf World Cup with more information here 

Whether you come as a participant or a spectator - the journey across the Wadden Sea with the Sylt Ferry ensures the right feeling and a good mood before you even arrive.

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